May 25, 2020

Molly the funny dog

My cousins have a dog called Molly. Molly is a funny dog. One day I was at my cousins’ house and we decided to bake cupcakes. At some point, Molly appeared with her little black nose, sniffing around. She was excited and reached the top of the table and covered herself with some flower. But that is not all! When cupcakes were ready, we went for a walk and left them on a plate to cool down close to the edge of a table. When we came back, we found only two cupcakes on the plate... Molly, the funny dog, ate 18 cupcakes! She left two cupcakes because she could not reach them. Me and my cousin started to cry. We took one cupcake each and ate them, with tears still on our faces. But when we told what happened to our families, everybody had a good laugh. Yep, true story.

April 30, 2020

Number line

Numbers are very important - they help us understand the world, we use them when we do shopping, when designing new cars and planes. We use them every day and many times a day. If you look around your home or outside - you will see numbers everywhere. 

But numbers have their own home! That is right, they live on a number line. We can see numbers closer on a number line and we can learn more about them. Some mathematicians spend lives studding numbers and a number line! 

If you draw a line on a sheet of paper - that can not be called a number line yet. That would be just a line. But try do this: 
  1. mark a point somewhere on the line and call it zero (0), or the origin
  2. mark counting numbers (1, 2, 3...) to the right of the origin and their opposites (-1, -2, -3...) to the left of the origin
  3. add arrows (<- -> ) on both sides of the line to show that there is no limits
and you will have a nice number line to show your friends! 

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April 23, 2020

How do ants recognize each other

Ants live in colonies and colonies can be very big, with many many ants working together as one big family. I was wondering the other day, how do they recognize each other? Will an ant recognize another ant next day if they meet by chance? Well, I asked around and I learnt that ants can touch each other, can smell each other and they can even "hear", although they don't have ears. But they can not recognize each other as individuals. They “know” they belong to the same colony, but it would be a huge task for ants to recognize each other. You can learn more about these amazing insects by visiting

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April 20, 2020

Why do migrating birds form V shape

I was curious the other day about the way a flock of flying birds looks like. It looks like a V shape. I thought may be it is because there is just one leading bird and it is easier for other birds to follow a leader? But why the V shape? Why not some other shape? Well, I asked around and it sounds the reason is not that simple. The V shape actually helps birds to fly over the long distance. And also, how do birds choose the leader? That is amazing.

April 12, 2020

How I met a cute bunny

This weekend I was playing at my grandparents' backyard and I saw a bunny sitting right near the deck. I think there is a family of bunnies living under the deck. I quickly grabbed a carrot from the fridge, broke it into small pieces and put them on the grass. The bunny was not scared at all and was busy looking for something to eat. I think a carrot was a good choice because the bunny started to eat some of it. The video shows what happened next.