April 30, 2020

Number line

Numbers are very important - they help us understand the world, we use them when we do shopping, when designing new cars and planes. We use them every day and many times a day. If you look around your home or outside - you will see numbers everywhere. 

But numbers have their own home! That is right, they live on a number line. We can see numbers closer on a number line and we can learn more about them. Some mathematicians spend lives studding numbers and a number line! 

If you draw a line on a sheet of paper - that can not be called a number line yet. That would be just a line. But try do this: 
  1. mark a point somewhere on the line and call it zero (0), or the origin
  2. mark counting numbers (1, 2, 3...) to the right of the origin and their opposites (-1, -2, -3...) to the left of the origin
  3. add arrows (<- -> ) on both sides of the line to show that there is no limits
and you will have a nice number line to show your friends! 

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