July 31, 2020

My first pet

This Summer I have been seriously thinking about having my first pet. It was not easy to decide 'cause I like dogs, hamsters, guinea pigs and especially bunnies. I finally decided to go with a canary which was not in the list but was added recently too. I have first read some information on canaries and how to care about them. I did not realize there were many things to learn. And just the other day we received a big flight cage and other stuff to put into the cage. I made some toys on my own to cut on spendings and also I like crafting anyways. It was fun to make all the preparations and of course I was very excited to visit the local birds breeder with my dad to pick up a beautiful Red Factor canary. 

Red Factor is the name of the breed. We got the male canary and that means it can sing. Actually, my canary looked so happy to find a new home with a spacious cage that it started to sing shortly after we brought him in. Is not he beautiful?

July 15, 2020

Littering is not cool

Today I wanted to address one nasty problem that bothers me a lot - littering. I just do not understand why some people would through a can of soda or a plastic bottle right on the streets or a park. The garbage bin is usually there for you to use. It is especially disturbing when the same people do it again and again...

Take this nice and green public park near the place I live. Kids and families love to spend time in this park, and yet the same teenagers stop by occasionally and leave the trash right on the grass near the kids' play ground. Why would you do that, people? If you visit the park, then you like the place. If you like it, why do you litter?

Please have respect for nature and your community.